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This search interface makes use of the Internet Census 2012 results detailed here: Internet Census 2012

The scan results primarily include the top 1024 ports, and only a small sampling of hosts actually had their complete port range scanned. You can still search for these ports, but the results will be limited.

If it's not super obvious, these results are now more than 3 years out of date. They are still useful for certain things, so I do not intend to take them down any time soon!

IP Range Search

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Total Count Per Port

List of top 1024 port numbers

List of total database entries per port number

Complete Port Results

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Hostname Search

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Service Probe Search - Coming Soon?

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Please note that there is really no point to mass downloading these results from this webpage. Just follow the link above to the torrent file, and download the full set of results yourself if that's really what you want! Sorry in advance to anybody who ends up as a false positive and gets temporarily blocked for downloading data too fast.